Mayor’s Monthly Update

May/June 2017


Well what a way to welcome spring in, another major flood at the end of April.  The wet conditions and then the heavy rain made the Elk flood and destroy our city river access and flood the downtown area by city hall.  The ball field had considerable damage to it also from the small branch that runs between it and the school.  The city will be working on repairing damages from the flooding over the next few months.  But on a lighter note the wall has been repaired at the ball field and the sod was laid down to repair the damaged grass. The culvert is completely blocked by rock and debris and we are trying to work with MODOT to get that opened back up.

 We have done our 2nd “Movie on the Square” for the year and finally got to be out under the stars again.  We have hung up a banner at the corner of the square to advertise the movies and the dates of the movies. The next movie will be May 20th at dusk and concessions will open at 6:30 pm as well as music. The movie will be titled “A Dogs Purpose”. We will have concessions at all our movies, so come out and make some great family memories. 

We had a great turnout for the Annual County Trailblazer race between Pineville and Anderson.  This race helps raise funds for the building of our trails system.  We also had a great meeting between Pineville and Arkansas about the future possibilities of connecting to the Razorback Greenway.  Pineville is committed to building a trail system for our citizens to use to not only have fun on but to stay healthy. 

The ground has been broke for the addition of the new bike/skate park out on Big Sugar Road next to Sugar Island.  The property was donated to the city by Jeff and Gayla Slish and was annexed into the city for the park.  The roadway was annexed into the city after receiving permission from the McDonald County Commission.  A lot of great things will be happening at the bike/skate park for the grand opening.  A trail will also be built on the side of Big Sugar Road to lead out to the park and provide a safe way to get to the park. Watch for more big announcements coming soon.

The city has been working with the University of Arkansas over the last year to plan and design some future plans for the city.  We have had several meeting with the architect students and their professor and there have been some awesome ideas they came up with.  Our last meeting was May 9th and designs were provided of various things around town. It’s always great to have different folks looking at the city and brainstorming about the future. 

The city has also signed a contract to build a new water tower up by the Pineville Primary School to provide better water service and storage capacity for future growth.  This tower will be considerably taller than the one that is there now and will hold over 380,000 gallons.  This will help out fire protection also in this area.

If you have any problems or questions please feel free to contact me and I will come see you or you can come to city hall to see me. I want our doors to be open to each and every citizen we serve and as always we invite you to our council meetings on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays each month starting at 6:00 p.m.