Mayor’s Monthly Update

May 2018

Well spring just can’t get here and stay this year, one day it’s warm and the next there is a freeze or frost advisory.  We here at the city are so looking forward to our summer ball games kicking off.  The first game is coming up May 4th at the Pineville Ball Park over behind the school.  We have been working on a new sidewalk on top of the concrete wall in the outfield.  This sidewalk will eventually connect the sidewalk in front of the school to the new walking park behind the ball fields.  We will be installing the new padding on the concrete wall right before season kicks off. 

     We will have our next Movie on the Square on Saturday May 5th starting at dusk.  Music starts and concessions open at 6:30 pm.  Come out and sit under the stars on the beautiful square and enjoy a free movie.  We will have one in May, two in June and one in September this year.

          We have been working to get the patching some of the streets with cold mix and we have been inspecting streets in town to see which ones are in need of repairs.  The council will drive the streets in their areas and determine which streets need to be placed on our paving project for this year.

     We have started our mowing projects already as the grass is finally turning green and has started growing.  The city takes care of several parks in town including the bike park out on Big Sugar Road.   Remember all our parks are for you to use and enjoy with your friends and family. 

     Disaster projects are getting closer to being completed.  The drainage ditch coming down Jesse James Road is the largest project we have to complete.  We have went out to bid once for it and we found some more work that needed to be added to it. That ditch is a piece of history and we want to preserve it for future generations.

     Our new water tower up by the Pineville Pre-K off business 71 is nearing completion.  This project will greatly improve water pressure for the school and the new homes being built in the area.  This additional water storage will also help on fire protection for the city.

     I need to add one change to our council meetings, we have went down to one meeting during the summer months to see if it works. So we are meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 pm at city hall.  




"The River City"