"The River City"
Pineville, Missouri

Public Works

The citizens of Pineville are serviced by two wells and a waste-water treatment plant.

Water, sewer and trash are conveniently billed on one City utility bill.

Deposits for services are as follows:

Owner: $30.00

Renter: $225.00

Commercial Application

Residential Application

Water bills are mailed by the last business day in the month and are due the 20th of each month. The 21st of each month, a late fee is added to the bill and if left unpaid, water services will be shut off the 25th. At that time a $50.00 reconnect fee is added to the amount due, and total must be paid in full before services are returned. The City of Pineville DOES NOT send out past due statements.

Rates are as follows: 

Water Base Rate – $13.85

Sewer Base Rate- $15.60

Water per 1,000 gallons- $5.65

Sewer per 1,000 gallons- $6.30

The City of Pineville would like to announce we now offer auto debit for water payments. A form would need to be filled out and brought into the office to start the service. After the office receives the form then your water bill would come straight out of your bank account on the 5th or the 20th of the month. 

New service hookups require a $500.00 fee for Water and Sewer.

Reporting Request

If you notice a sewer overflow, water leak or other utility related emergency please call (417) 223-4368 Monday-Friday 8: 00a.m- 4:00p.m. After hours number is (417) 223-4318. 

Public Works Supervisor- Chris Tinsley

Utility Clerk- Joni Blake