"The River City"
Pineville, Missouri

Community Center

The Pineville Community Center is located at 602 Jesse James Rd. It has a beautiful large kitchen, an open room to have parties, weddings, and meetings and a men’s and women’s restroom.

The cost to rent the building is as follows:

1-4 hours-$75.00

5-8 hours-$100.00

9+ hours- $125.00

The City asks for you to pick the time frame you will need from the moment you need in there to set up to the moment you will be leaving the building. This building at times is double and triple booked in one day so please don’t expect to get longer then you reserve it for. When reserving the building, half the cost is due up front to hold the date and the other half is due when you pick up the key. The deposit is non refundable if something happens and you decide to cancel. Please feel free to check the date here or contact City Hall. The Application will then need to be filled out and emailed to us or mailed with payment. To pay online click here.